Our fees

Below are some details regarding nursery fees, should you require any further details please contact the a member of the nursery team.

Questions and answers

How do I pay?

Nursery fees are to be paid at the beginning of each month. The nursery accepts cheque, cash or bank transfer payments. We also accept many of the nursery vouchers which are set up through your employer (if they support the voucher system).

Who do I give the money to?

All staff members are happy to take payment, and will write you a receipt straight away as your prove of payment.

Does the nursery offer sibling discount?

The nursery offers a reduction on fees where there are two or more siblings. Please see a member of the management team who will be happy to help.

If my child is ill or we go on holiday, do I still need to pay for the space?

To maintain your child’s nursery placement we do require fees to be paid even if you are on holiday or if your child is unwell. Please speak to a member of the management team should you have any questions relating to this matter.

What are the current nursery fees?

Please contact a member of the nursery team who will be happy to explain our fee structure.