The Nursery has a detailed learning curriculum for children, which is based on the 3 Prime and 4 Specific Areas of learning as outlined by the DFEE’s ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’. we particularly focus on identifying children’s individual needs.

The areas of learning are as follows:
Three Prime areas:
•Personal, Social and Emotional development.
•Physical Development.
•Communication, Language.

Four Specific Areas:
•Understanding the world
•Expressive Arts and Design

All children have access to a range of different experiences, skills and interests when they join us, therefore our activities are structured from observations on the children and reflect each child’s interests and abilities.
Alongside the curriculum we have two programs running in the main unit to help develop children’s social skills, understanding of the natural enviroment and self-development.

Forest School
Forest School is a Danish concept that develops learning by experience. The philosophy of Forest School is designed to encourage and inspire children through positive outdoor experiences. At St George’s our Forest School Leaders focus on personal development and the individual learning styles of the children, by participating in engaging, motivating and achievable tasks. The range of outdoor activities will enable your child to develop positive social and emotional skills, which will enable them to develop the tools required to build relationships.

Playing and Learning to Socialise in an Australian research based Social Skills program designed by clinical psychologists and Early Year’s teachers to use in Early Years settings.
At St Georges Day Nursery PALS programme is embedded within the weekly small group activities. The PALS social skills program shows children constructive ways to solve problems that may arise in social situations, they learn to share, take turns and how to express emotions, this is done through stories acted out by puppets, role-play and songs. The programme is designed to help children develop social skills helping them to develop trusting relationships and friendships. A leaflet will be placed in your child’s tray each week explaining what your child has done during the session.

The Seedlings unit opened in July 2006, it has been specifically designed to cater for children under two and a half years old. In Seedlings, daily routines are planned in advance to meet the needs of each individual child, whilst providing a balanced and stimulating day allowing time for sleep and relaxation within the designated sleep area. We provide a selection of cots and toddler beds for all children with their own individual bedding.

The main play area consists of carpet and lino allowing the children to explore the environment around them. The play room is structured around the areas of development, allowing children to experience a range of activities. There is a separate area which is used for messy and sensory activities where the children can paint, use play dough and explore a variety of sensory and texture activities with the support of a carer.

Seedlings have their own outdoor enclosed garden with direct access from the room allowing each individual child to follow his or her interests without interruption both indoors and outdoors through out the day.

Seedlings follows the guidelines as outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage and sets out clear learning opportunities for each child, starting with what they can already do and building on this to extend it further, for example by supporting or encouraging young children trying to stand or walk, the opportunity to use toys and furniture for cruising.

The Tree Room
The Tree Room has several areas for the children to explore, these include imaginative role-play, cosy story corner, problem solving station, a creative station, small world play, construction area. We have a creative/sensory area with sand and water and a painting easel.

The staff and children follow a daily routine in which, the children are provided with a caring, fun, relaxing and stimulating environment in which to learn through play. We ensure that all planning is based on children’s individual learning needs, and therefore provide opportunities for all children to succeed in an atmosphere where all children feel valued.

The daily routine is structured to allow children to make independent choices. The nursery works to a free flow system throughout the day, where children can choose to play inside or outside as well as which activities they would like to take part in.